Tiamo Networks were pleased to be asked to install CCTV in a woodland at a house in Prestbury, Macclesfield.

We were presented with a problem that the cameras needed to be installed where a physical network connection was impossible due to location. Our solution was to add a Peer to Peer Network which pointed back at the main residence and onto the house network and internet. The most remote cameras are some 500m from the main residence.

The installation comprises of a number of CCTV cameras and 4 peer to peer network devices. This took Tiamo Networks three days to install all the equipment and setup the cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR).

Although the client did not want truly covert cameras he did want the cameras to be more discreet so at a casual glance they couldn’t be seen. We were asked if we could hide the equipment to make is more discreet.

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