Computer Audit / Equipment Audit

Do you need to know exactly what equipment you have in your organisation along with its potential usefulness or its remaining lifespan? Then why not look at our Computer Audit from Tiamo Networks to find out more about your computer systems.

We offer a complete audit report of your existing computer systems and can make recommendations on its remaining lifespan, whether its cost-effective to upgrade and whether equipment needs to be replaced. This applies to PC’s, Laptops, and peripherals such as printers.

Our audit is a thorough analysis of your systems and our report provides details information about the machines internal components and we compare these to our database of components we know have known issues or require software updates as well as giving you information on what additional life your computers may have, even if they require additional hardware to make them last a little longer. This report is ideal for those who are looking to get more from their existing machines or can’t warrant the expense of replacing all the office computers in one go, our audit will provide detailed information for those looking which pieces of equipment in what order.

Our Computer Audit is a fixed price depending on the number of machines in your organisation with prices starting from just £100 plus VAT for a 3 machine office within 10 miles of our offices in SK11 7QJ.

To find out more about how a Computer Equipment Audit can help you get the most from your equipment please give us a call on 0161 401 1970.

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