Peer to Peer WiFi Networks (Long range wifi Network installations)

Do you need to connect 2 buildings together or have a remote outbuilding you wish to provide a network connection or internet access too? This is where Point to Point WiFi networks are invaluable as an alternative to cabling, VPN, or internet routing.

Typically the way this is achieved is to connect the two buildings together physically via a cable or even fiber optic link. However, these can be expensive as they require either groundwork (underground conduit) or overhead catenary wire. Both of these solutions require expensive equipment to install especially over long distances. Also installing network cabling over distances of 100m requires additional equipment to boost the signal as computer cabling has a limit at which it can transmit information.

It also may be the location of the buildings on your site make installing traditional cabling logistically impossible to install. We have had instances where there has been a road or an electrified railway between the buildings which need to be connected.

The internet can be used to connect remote buildings but speed can be a limiting factor with this solution. So, how do you get your network to other buildings on your site or even further afield, such as a remote barn or outbuilding? Say 400m or even further away? Or even over short distances, say offices on opposite sides of a public highway?

Well, there is a little known device called a Long Range WiFi bridge or Point to Point Wifi network.

Peer to Peer Wifi networksThese Point to Point WiFi devices, supplied and installed in pairs, create a narrow beam WiFi link between the pair of devices and depending on the equipment used can be placed meters apart or even kilometers apart, and as long as they have a line of sight they can then communicate between themselves seamlessly through the airwaves. Even if the buildings to be connected do not have line of sight, multiple pairs can be used to together and we have clients who we have installed them successfully where the two buildings connected are over hills and even across the city center in Manchester with multiple pairs on buildings owned by our client.

If you have remote buildings then installing a Point to Point Wifi bridge will allow remote offices to talk to the main office via the WiFi bridge at speeds akin to physical cabling. The wifi link created using these devices is both secure and encrypted with security/encryption keys customised at installation.

Traffic between the devices is encrypted so data cannot be intercepted between networks.

Tiamo Networks can install a WiFi Bridge at your premises and have installed hundreds of these WiFi devices over the past few years in both rural and urban environments.

We supply and install all the necessary equipment to make this a more viable option than traditional cabling and eliminate the costs associated with civil works which may be associated with traditional cabling.

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