Network Cabling Installations (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e and Cat7 cabling installations)

Network cabinet example

Providing an effective network is essential in today’s fast-moving information technology world, especially when large quantities of data need to be moved quickly and regularly. At Tiamo Networks offer both hardwired solutions via Cat 5e/Cat 6/Cat 6e and Cat 7 cabling and Wireless network options and can provide a network cabling infrastructure best suited to your company or premises requirements and location.

With over 30 years of experience, we fully understand the potential minefield of computer networking and are able to define both your present and future cabling system requirements. Taking into account your existing/planned network infrastructure we can provide specifications, installation schedules, and costing tailored to your requirements.

We can also provide, set up and maintain any associated networking equipment meaning our service is fully integrated and supported from Cabling to Network equipment to WiFi access points, we can provide all the equipment to make your project work.

All our cabling work is undertaken following close discussions with our clients, to avoid as far as possible, disruption to your existing working environment, business, and staff. We can even install outside normal office hours, if necessary, and regularly provide installations overnight or at weekends.

Taimo Network can also provide Leased Lines and Voice over IP solutions. These technologies are especially cost-effective for businesses with offices in remote locations. Voice over IP (VOIP) allows you to contact colleagues at a remote site, via the internet, using your existing telephone system. Voice over IP provides you with a no-cost call service between office locations all calls to remote offices being routed securely via the internet, and did we mention it is free?

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