Wide Area WiFi networks

One of the growing problems we get presented with is the need to provide seamless WiFi networks over large areas such as outside spaces, large warehouses and outside events.

The benefits of a Wide Area WiFi network is that staff and customers can work seamlessly throughout the building using the same WiFi network.

We take great pride in our WiFi network installation, and our largest installation services an area of 180,000m2 with 2 warehouses, offices and a substantial outside storage facility. This allows our clients staff to move seamlessly through their premises using provided hardware to pick and service products.

Their forklift trucks are also connected to the WiFi which allows the operations team to see where staff are at any one time and direct the nearest staff member to required materials. The locations of these vehicles are displayed on a large screen within the operations office.

The WiFi at the site is made up of multiple WiFi access points which are linked together using cloud based software.

Even smaller sites are using Wide area WiFi networks and we have installed many dozens of WiFi networks in public houses, restaurants and hotels. Many public houses have expanded their servicing areas outside so they can increase seating space because of Covid. Even if the WiFi networks are only for staff usage they need to be robust while in use to take orders and payments via tablets and PDQ machines.

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