WiFi and Networks for Hospitality

One of the problems we are presented with again and again is the need for client and staff WiFi throughout multi storey or large area hotels.

The traditional approach to this is to put cabling in and a WiFi access point and for most buildings this is still the best solution but we have equipment which can also mesh WiFi access points together to provide a mode distributed and seamless WiFi network.

We can even provide WiFi access to remote buildings such as Static Caravans and Chalets. We can even provice WiFi access to camp sites.

We also provide equipment which provides cloud based monitoring and management of clients using the network.

Our equipment can also provide multiple WiFi networks over the same WiFi system, ie: Hotel Clients and Hotel Staff using seperate WiFi networks which provides staff devices a level of security from client machines. Having all your staff equipment on the same WiFi is never a good idea, especially if you have shared folders, printers and other devices.

We have a vast knowledge of installing WiFi networks in the hospitality sector, find out how we can help your business.

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